“I cannot thank you enough for all the incredible help and guidance you provided during my recovery from surgery. Not only did you restore functionality I had lost over many years, you motivated me to continue to improve my level of fitness and strength.

When my surgery for a total hip replacement was scheduled, I knew that there would be weeks of physical therapy that would follow. It was not something I was anticipating with great joy. Happily, I was mistaken. Dr. Lynn and her team at Affiliated Therapy Group were amazing. Their expertise was fantastic as was the friendliness of the entire staff. I felt welcomed and acknowledged each time I went. One therapist was nearby the entire visit and explained each exercise and the goals for that day. I was always challenged but never overwhelmed. If I was unsure, they offered encouragement and reassurance. Thanks to the therapists, I gained strength rapidly and was able to resume normal activity within a few short months.

I highly recommend the Affiliated Therapy Group Practice. This outstanding team has the knowledge, patience and ability to help one recover and improve physical strengths and abilities.”

– Jill Harshbarger

Ron Behnke “I spent over twenty years working as a charter fishing guide in the Corpus Christi area. Day in and day out, the work took a toll on my back and legs. Four years ago, I underwent some back surgeries and with referral from my physicians, I needed some physical therapy to get my back and legs back in shape. Affiliated Therapy was the place and I am still utilzing their services four years later. The staff is excellent, skilled and caring. AThGP has great equipment, in fact the latest and most up-to-date in the business. Intensive therapy was performed with the utmost expertise and the massage therapy is something that I take advantage of even today to keep me going. To help my legs, the under water treadmill has been a God-send. I don’t work as a fishing guide fulltime anymore, but with Affiliated Therapy’s help, I can occasionally still take my boat out and enjoy fishing for fun. Thanks a million times over to Lynn and her staff.”

– Capt. Ron Behnke, Corpus Christi, TX

“Congratulations on having a well-rounded, friendly, knowledgeable team of professionals who actually like working together! In my professional career, I put together sales teams and searched for the common ingredient that would meld the individuals together. You are a great team! I would hire all of you!

Thank you for:

  1. Helping me understand my foot situation after surgery.
  2. Helping me to realize that most progress would be made by my hard work at home by doing the exercises given to me.
  3. Helping me to understand there are lots of feelings that go along with a surgical situation. (depression when I couldn’t walk)
  4. Helping me to shop for shoes that fit, looked fantastic, and wee good for my feet.
  5. Helping me to understand that I could actually touch the foot after surgery and scrub away all the dead skin.
  6. Helping me to understand the foot and its functions.
  7. Helping me to avoid future surgical situations.
  8. Helping me to feel that I was very important.

And thank you for making my time at our clinic FUN, and enjoyable!

I am a Winter Texan, reside in Minnesota and came here to escape the winter back home and also to recuperate from foot surgery. We liked the picture of the therapists on the web page, who looked friendly, and that is true! So, again, thank you for your help, your friendship, and education. This has been a valuable experience for me. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who asks!”

– Donna Hemenway, Oakdale, MN

“I would like to express my appreciation to the entire staff of Affiliated Therapy Group Practice. I have been in therapy for several weeks now and I feel my rapid progress is due to their therapy services. In the past for previous surgeries I have been to more than five therapy places throughout Corpus Christi and have been disappointed with each one. Finally, I have found a place where I can feel my therapist cares about my overall health as well as the continued education in the care of my injured area. I feel that I have not only been helped physically but have been helped in other areas of my individual needs as related to the surgery were met and that I wasn’t left to my own demise as a patient. There is a constant concern and caring from every staff member. The aquatic therapy is fantastic a very great part of my therapy. I am so impressed with Affiliated Therapy Group Practice that every time I see someone who may need therapy I immediately tell him or her about the facility. I’m very grateful to a close friend who told me about them and I would highly recommend Affiliated Therapy Group Practice to anyone needing Physical Therapy. The care of the staff is immeasurable.”

– Cyndi Duenas, Corpus Christi, TX

“I have been to physical therapy in the past, but Affiliated Therapy Group Practice, Inc is the best. Not only do they treat the injured part, but they treat and care about you, the whole person. Lynn Schauster, PT, DPT has been so kind, but strict in her treatments. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking therapy.”

– P. Pacheco, Corpus Christi, TX

“After a total knee replacement, I was completely immobile without the use of a wheelchair or a walker. However, twelve days after surgery I was on my way to an active recovery with the awesome help of AThGP! The therapists and staff have, and continue to be, a vital part of my successful recovery; I can now walk with the use of a cane and will soon be FREE of this as well. The therapy I received has been invaluable. Through programs available, such as aquatic therapy, I have quickly regained the strength and stability needed to return to my ‘normal’ life. I have also been able to purchase footwear tailored to my specific needs through the Computerized Gait Analysis available at the retail area “Functional Foot Fitness” next to AThGP. Once my therapy is complete, I look forward to continuing my exercise regime with the use of their state of the art equipment through an after care program available for a nominal fee. Anyone in need of physical therapy or related services can rest assured that they will be well taken care of at AThGP.”

– Marlys G., Corpus Christi, TX